Academic Information


Most UBP classes are conducted in two 90-minute sessions per week (4 academic hours).
The total length of the courses is 15 weeks.


Students may register by the end of the orientation period each semester, after completing the necessary payments.
Adding: During the first week of the academic session
Dropping: During the first three weeks of the academic session
Transfer of Credit
Students who apply at Universidad Blas Pascal are strongly advised to contact their academic advisors so as to determine the transferability back to their home institutions.
Those who participate in our program through our affiliated institutions should have no difficulty in transferring credits. Additional information regarding our course offerings can be sent when necessary.


Transcripts are printed a month after the completion of classes. The original certificate is then sent by post to the participant’s home institution, together with a scanned copy sent by e-mail.The Student Visa is MANDATORY for studying at University Blas Pascal. Those students who do not present a copy by the end of the program will not be issued a Transcript of academic performance.
At the student’s request, additional copies will be sent to the additional institutions for a minimal fee (USD $10)
* Shipping cost is not included: USD $55 (express mail)

Model of Transcript

Classes of the Exchange Program

Academic Calendar